Dear Marionette's 3rd Birthday Giveaway!

Dear Marionette's 3rd Birthday Giveaway!

Postby nherizu » Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:47 am

Hello! Now is finally the time for our giveaway again! We've held several raffles in the past, and now that we're gonna turn 3 years old, we want to hold another one. This giveaway is to celebrate Dear Marionette's birthday, as well as to show my thanks to all of you for working with me, for supporting this group all this time, and for being with me and this group! :D

Our 3rd birthday is on September 20th 2015. Therefore, the winners will be announced right on Sunday, September 20th. The giveaway is open from Friday, September 11th to Friday, September 18th. And since we're gonna have special birthday releases on the 20th, there won't be FriYAY release. It'll be SunYAY? Lol.

1. Open for ALL activated members, no matter what your group is (members, staff/moderator, donor, VIP).
2. Everyone has 1 point. But if you're a VIP member or a DONOR, you'll get 2 points.
3. Reply in this thread the following information:
- Your favorite doujinshi that DM has released:
- Why do you love it:
- Tell us anything, it can be about you, or about this group, or about the world (lol):

4. You can only post ONCE. No edits, no double posts.
5. You can't register twice in this forum, it's on the rules. We know your IP addresses, so if we catch you have 2 accounts or more, you'll risk yourself for being banned from this forum.
6. For every reply in this thread, I will enter your name into a raffle generator. If you have 2 points, that means your name will be entered twice. 1 point means your name will be entered once.
7. Logically, if you have 2 points, your chance in winning the raffle is bigger. But since the raffle generator will decide the winners, even if you have 2 points or 1 points, it all depends on your luck. If you're lucky, you can be the winner even only with 1 point, and vice versa. So good luck! :D
8. There will be 2 lucky winners!
9. I'll close this raffle right on Friday, September 18th, 16.00 (GMT +8)!
10. You don't need to pay for shipping fee, but we won't ship these goodies using EMS. Hope you understand! ;)

Now on to the prizes!

Each winner will get assorted anime/manga merchandises:
- 1 doujinshi book (Kuroko no Basket or Durarara!!)
- 1 keychain (Shingeki no Kyojin)
- 1 pin (Shingeki no Kyojin)
- 1 pin (Kuroko no Basket!)
- 1 monthly planner (Vocaloid)
- 1 sticker (Kuroko no Basket or Uta no Prince Sama)



* the item designs will be sent randomly.
* the doujinshi books have never been scanned, so there will be no scan marks. However, it may or may not have signs of shelf wear on the edges, or signs from being shoved into cupboards when I moved my things.
* all items are not official merchandise. I bought them from doujinshi and fan circles.
* one of the doujinshi books is R-18, so make sure your country allows R18/homosexual materials. We don't want the package to be held by custom, do we? ^^

If you are fine with all the conditions above, then feel free to start entering the giveaway... NOW! ^^


** I lock this thread so that you won't mistakenly reply in this thread instead of in the GIVEAWAY thread. :)
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