All the VIP Member/Donor Invitations Have Been Sent!

All the VIP Member/Donor Invitations Have Been Sent!

Postby nherizu » Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:16 am


Please check your PAYPAL email address (or if you used credit/debit card, check the email address you put in the donation form). Please also check your SPAM folder, just in case. :)

I know I said I'd only use to send invitations, but in the end I sent the emails using 2 email addresses. Because I sent out more than 50 emails per day, I was afraid my email address would be considered spam, so I had to use 2 addresses finally. They are: AND

If you think you haven't received the invitation, then that can mean:
1. you changed your email address but haven't let me know (I received a couple mailer daemons)
2. the email was in the SPAM folder and then you have purged your SPAM folder
3. it got lost on the internet.
Contact me through if that happens. SUBJECT: LOST INVITATION.

If you have got your invitation and banner, then that's cool and I hope you enjoy your stay in the new forum.

If you have got your invitation but have NOT got a banner, then that means I don't know your forum user name. Please reply to the email I sent and tell me your user name. I will upgrade your membership and send you the banner after I got your forum user name.

If you are invited as a DONOR, please keep in mind that you are still eligible to become a VIP Member in the future.

If you are invited as a VIP MEMBER, please enjoy the special release and please respect the rules.

To make future donations, please tell me your FORUM and LJ user name. Because it's important.

Thank you! I'm very sorry for taking so long to finish sending out the invitations. :)
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