Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Postby nherizu » Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:35 am

Before you send the Admin and Mods your questions, please check these FAQs first:

1. I've registered, but why can't I access the forum?
- Because your membership hasn't been activated. Go to the and follow the instructions there.

2. But I can't even log in!
- That's because you haven't clicked the verification link. Check your email, the verification link is sent to your email after registration (don't forget to check your spam box). Still not getting any emails? Click .

3. Um, I still can't log in after verifying my account...
- Perhaps you submitted the wrong user name/password. Some people make typos when they create their accounts. Click and confirm your user name + make a new password.

4. I can't even register because I can't answer the anti-bot question. What is the group's name?
- Well, what do you think the group's name is? Please don't email the Admin this question, seriously. You're trying to register on this site, and yet you don't know the group's name? Uh-oh.

5. I have downloaded the file, but I think the password is wrong... Why can't I open the file?
- Try again, copy-paste without any extra spaces.

6. How can I open the .rar file?
- Use this program: .

7. I usually open.rar files with my comic reader, but why can't the comic reader read your files?
- That's because the files are password-protected, and the newer releases are in PDF format. You have to unrar the .rar files using first, and then open the PDF file.

8. How do I open the PDF file?
- There are a lot of softwares to open PDF, but we recommend for clearer and smoother view. Other light-weight PDF reader alternatives: and . Comic readers usually can open PDF, too, but they're not specifically optimized for PDF. Therefore, viewing the PDF using comic readers might cause a big drop in quality.

9. Can you scanlate this doujinshi/manga I found on the internet?
- Since the RAW scans are not yours, we can't. Unless you have successfully obtained the RAW provider's permission. But keep in mind that we're very picky about RAW quality, fandoms, artists, and pairings.

10. Can you scanlate from Chinese scans?
- We can translate from Chinese, but we will not scanlate them if we don't have the Japanese RAW. That's because we need to credit the scans' owner, and we only use Chinese translation for reference. We need to maintain our translation's accuracy, so in the end we still use the Japanese RAW for the final translation and proofreading. Besides, Chinese scanlation groups are the same with us--they buy their scans and they deserve credits for their hardworks. Scanlating Chinese scans without the groups' permission is in no way acceptable. If you were able to get the permission, though, that would be another story.

11. Can you scanlate my doujinshi/manga?
- If it suits our staff members' taste, then sure. But please keep in mind that we're very picky about RAW quality, fandoms, artists, and pairings.

12. I'm from a different scanlation group and we have an overlapped project. Will you drop it?
- It depends. If we haven't started working on it (which means we haven't 'scanned' it), we'll gladly drop it. But if we have started on it, we will continue it. We don't want any of our staff members' hard works go to waste. We're, however, open for joint projects.

13. I found your 'special' releases being redistributed outside, where should I report it?
- Send us an email at, thank you.

14. I want to be a VIP member, how do I do that?
- Please .

15. I have donated, but the email address I used for donating is different to the one I use in this forum. What should I do?
- Don't worry, we'll only contact you through your donation email address. If you wish us to contact you to your other email address, please specify so when donating (insert a description/note). Don't forget to always insert your forum + Livejournal user name, too.

16. I have concerns about downloads, memberships, and other technical problems that haven't been covered here...
Create a post in the section.

17. I have concerns regarding donation and VIP membership that haven't been covered here...
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