VIP Members

VIP Members

Postby nherizu » Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:41 am

We have VIP MEMBERS section in this new forum for those who have helped us!

Who can join this special section? The answer is: donors and staff members (who have finished at least 5 jobs and still be active afterward). Interested? Please continue to read below! Don't forget to read the NOTE as well. It's important.

VIP Members will get:

- Special English scanlation (these are the ones we won't publish anywhere else).

- RAW scans (we don't share the RAW version of the books we buy in the main community. Some of them aren't available anywhere else, and waiting for the scanlated version might be too long. In this section, members can get access to these RAW scans)

- Direct downloads for those RAW and Special Releases (no ads, passwords, captcha, or waiting period) in the forum.

- If you're a donor, then you'll also get to join dm-donors and get early releases there sometimes, and a donor banner/signature for you to use here in the forum

- You will be classified as a member of the VIP Member Group (it shows on your profile).

- A chance to get giveaways (once in a while, if we have enough fund, we'll hold raffles).

- Possibly other things that we can't mention now.

How to join as a VIP Member?

VIP Members are invited. In order to be invited, you must be either:

a. an active staff member who has done 5 jobs or more (if you're on hiatus or leaving, your VIP status will be revoked), or

b. a loyal donor who has a clean track record. Please read here for more information about donation.
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