Donation: Please Help Dear Marionette

Donation: Please Help Dear Marionette

Postby nherizu » Tue Aug 19, 2014 5:16 am

As you knew, we use to help us earn a little so that we can keep providing new doujinshi for you. But this option is very limited (we're not even sure if it indeed can help us). Thus, we've been thinking about asking for your active contributions in helping to keep this group alive!

As per 09/13/2017, we only take donations in the form of yaoi/shounen ai manga scans. Before scanning a manga, please contact us first if we're interested in scanlating it, and if we are, we will send you a guide on how to scan mangas at Dear Marionette.

By donating, you can choose whether to join Livejournal so we can invite you to our dm-donors community or not. If you want to get invited to the dm-donors community, please don't forget to include your Livejournal username when donating.

By becoming a donor, you'll get:

- Direct downloads (no more ads, captcha, or waiting period!) at dm-donors community. Starting from November 2015 releases, you will be prompted to log on to this forum in order for the direct download links to work.

- Early releases (sometimes for our solo projects, we'll be able to release them earlier) at dm-donors community.

- A chance to become a VIP member in the new forum to get special scanlation releases (these are the ones we won't publish anywhere else!).

- A banner/signature for you to use here in the forum, and you will be classified as a member of the Donor Group (it shows on your profile)

- If the donation goal is reached, we'll release a bonus scanlation for all members at the end of the month!

- Possibly other things that we can't mention now.

We now have a VIP MEMBERS section. Read here for more info about VIP Members. From now on, Special Releases are only for VIP members (because, sadly, we were betrayed).

Please note that right now we've decided to protect the special releases more strictly. Hence, you have to be proven sincere in helping us (please don't donate just to get the special releases and then redistribute them) in order to become a VIP Member.

Not every donor will be invited to this special section, but one of the limited ways to join as a VIP Member is to donate. We won't tell you how many titles you have to donate. Loyal donors (with clean track of records) will be upgraded to VIP Members.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you!
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